Mosgaz warned about fraudsters posing as gas workers

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

the Crooks in the capital under the guise of employees of the Mosgaz offer Muscovites non-certified equipment, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

In the Mosgaz said that because of the complications of the epidemiological situation of the gas sector of the city is in a special mode. However, this can take advantage of the “Luhacovice,” warned the Agency.

In particular, attackers offer non-certified equipment and useless sensors, and install them without the necessary qualifications, endangering people’s lives.

“According to statistics, spring and fall are the most active periods for fraudsters. Staff Mosgaz call on Muscovites to be vigilant and responsible approach to the issues of maintenance, repair, operation and replacement of the gas equipment”, – stated in the message.

it is Emphasized that the experts of the Mosgaz not provide paid services.

Earlier in the Mosgaz reminded of the importance to provide admission to the apartment of employees of gas facilities of Moscow for the annual maintenance of in-house gas equipment (vdgo) and intra gas equipment (UKHO), and to repair or replacement of gas equipment only by specialists.

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