Named working fields with the largest gender difference in wages

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

RT has made a rating of the spheres of activity in Russia with the greatest difference between the salaries of men and women on the basis of Rosstat data.

the Maximum gap found among specialists in the field of information and communication where men get by 31.8% more than women. Professional, scientific and technical activities it is 29%.

In the sphere of transport and storage reaches a difference of 25.9% in activities in the field of culture, sport, recreation and entertainment – 25.8%, the mining industry is 24.1%.

the Minimum gap figuriruete in the field of education, where the salary of men is higher by 4.8%. Health and social services, it is more by 11.7%.

in 2017, the gender gap in wages in Russia decreased by 0.4%. On average, according to data for October 2019, the salary of women was 37.8 per thousand, men, 52.5 thousand.

In March, the analysts services job search and recruitment “” conducted a survey on the theme of gender impact on career development. 60% of respondents believe that gender doesn’t matter to achieve working success. 32% believe that women move up the career ladder more difficult. A similar view in relation to men share of 8% of the respondents.

Dimensions checked, what is the relationship between heterosexual employees and managers. It turned out that 45% of women follow male leadership, and female leadership is trusted by 7% of the male workers.

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