Russians urged not to use vodka when you create an antiseptic

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the emergencies Ministry urged citizens not to use vodka in the preparation of antiseptic, reports TASS.

Experts said that this drink contains insufficient levels of alcohol for disinfection of the skin. The Ministry said that the use of solutions with a concentration of ethanol below the level of 60% and isopropyl alcohol is less than 70% is practically useless.

the emergency situations Ministry also urged citizens not to use pure alcohol for skin disinfection. The Ministry stressed that it leads to dryness, irritation and itching of the skin. In addition, it can form microcracks, which can penetrate the virus.

the Russians advised in the preparation of its antiseptic pour the alcohol into a container with screw cap, add hydrogen peroxide and glycerine, distilled or cooled boiled water and quickly close the container.

After lightly shaking the liquid should be poured into small vessels and to withstand 72 hours.

Earlier, the head of Ministry of health Michael Murashko said that the use of alcohol for the treatment of coronavirus will not lead to anything good. And the psychiatrist-narcologist Yevgeny Bryun, and all noted that the abuse of alcohol during the isolation can lead to sing.

he Also said that drinking and Smoking citizens are most susceptible to coronavirus infection, because they have violated the protective function of the liver and lungs.

currently, Russia recorded 6343 cases of infection with coronavirus in 80 regions of the country. 406 people were discharged from hospitals after recovery, 47 patients died.

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