Capital: € 67 million
Age: 43
Born: May 9, 1976
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: watch TV
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Nazan Eckes is a German TV presenter with a Turkish migration background. She is best known for her moderation activities at RTL and is one of the most successful and popular television presenters in Germany.

Early life

Nazan Eckes was born in Cologne on May 9, 1976 as a Nazan Üngör. At the age of 18 she obtained German citizenship as a woman of Turkish descent and went to school in Leverkusen, where she graduated from high school in 1995. She got her German last name from her ex-husband Claus Eckes, an advertising entrepreneur from her hometown Leverkusen, with whom she was married from 2000 to 2007. Today she has been married to Julian Khol, an Austrian painter with whom she had two sons, since 2012.

Eckes did not originally plan to work on television. She has always wanted to be in the media sector, but first she tackled the art college for media in her hometown of Cologne, which she refused twice. Since Eckes was desperate to get into the media, after completing her A-levels, she did a traineeship at TV music broadcaster VIVA, which she then hired as an editor and which was her first point of contact with the television industry.


Eckes ended her work as an editor at VIVA and worked from 1998 to 1999 as a freelancer for the Turkish local newspaper Haftalik Posta. She wanted to be seen as a presenter and in 1999 took over the weather moderation of the magazines “Guten Abend RTL” and “Punkt 12”. As a result, Nazan Eckes attracted more attention and suddenly became a popular face on RTL. What followed were, among other things, moderations at RTL II News in January 2001 and at the news program News at RTL 2, the subsidiary of RTL, from 2001 to 2005. With increasing popularity, she returned to the main station RTL and was able to moderate several important programs. The celebrity dance show Let’s Dance was hosted by Eckes in 2006 and 2007 together with Hape Kerkeling and in 2010 with Daniel Hartwich. Over the years Eckes has taken on many more moderation jobs at RTL. For the 11th season of Das Supertalent, Nazan Eckes took a seat as a jury member for a change. In 2019, she also took part in the 12th season of Let’s Dance as a candidate instead of a presenter, in which she achieved fourth place with dance partner Christian Polanc.

Career highlights

In 2011 Eckes and Marco Schreyl had the honor of moderating the German TV Award. Germany is looking for the superstar, which is one of the best-known TV formats on German television, Eckes has been commissioned several times as a presenter: for the tenth season in 2013, alongside Raúl Richter, she was allowed to moderate the eleventh season in 2014 alone. Here, at the latest, Nazan Eckes made his big breakthrough as a TV presenter. Another well-known TV show on German television is Stern TV, where Eckes was allowed to step in for Stern TV presenter Steffen Hallaschka. There was also another milestone at the end of 2019: Eckes completely replaced Birigt Schrowange after 25 years and has since been the moderator for the well-known RTL program “Extra – das Magazin”.

Famous quotes

“I admire women who fight against resistance the most!”

Nazan Eckes is known as a tough woman, which is why this quote from her is anything but surprising. In addition to the quote, Eckes said that women who, despite resistance, are able to go their own way are the ones they admire most. Eckes should not care whether the path is taken as a career woman or as a mother of ten children.

Amazing facts

What you hardly know about Nazan Eckes is the fact that she works for her fellow human beings. She is committed to charitable causes, advertises in RTL-TV spots as a reading ambassador for the Reading Foundation and is also a member of an advisory board of federal government officials who work for refugees, migration and integration. Eckes also acts as an ambassador for DKMS, the German bone marrow donor database, where she primarily wants to convince her compatriots to donate stem cells. In 2011 Eckes was therefore featured nationwide on DKMS posters and has been used as a testimonial for advertisements ever since. For her commitment and for Turkish-German relations, she was awarded the “Plattino” award in 2012 and the German Reading Award in 2019.

Nazan Eckes owes her wealth not only to TV appearances as a presenter, but also to several equity investments, a large number of properties and profitable sponsorship contracts with the CoverGirl cosmetics brand. As hardly anyone knows, Eckes owns several restaurants such as the “Fat Eckes Burger” chain in Berlin, a soccer team called “Köln Angels” and “Pure Wondereckes” as their own vodka brand. In order to attract the attention of the younger generation, Eckes is now additionally trying with her perfume line “Von Nazan mit Liebe” and her fashion line “Verführung by Nazan Eckes”. Eckes also published the book “Guten Morgen, Abendland” in 2010, in which she tells about her life.


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