Capital: € 2.5 million
Age: 27
Born: 07/01/1993
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Born in Germany and still internationally successful? Not everyone can do that. Nico Santos did it – at the mid-twenties, the young singer can already look back on a fulfilling career.

Early life

Nico Santos, whose surname is actually called Wellenbrink, was born in Bremen in early 1993. His parents are musicians, the little sister works as a photo model. When Santos was nine months old, the small family moved to Mallorca.

At the age of three, Santos received a Michael Jackson cassette from his parents, which he said gave the impetus for his dream job as a musician. As a small child, he learned to play the piano, drums and guitar. His parents also taught the boy to sing and dance.

Nico Santos already performed at Spanish festivals in his youth. After graduating from high school, he moved to Cologne to study sound engineering. The young man first gained fame through his YouTube channel, on which he uploaded cover songs and his own songs such as the sudden success “Eres Perfecta”.


Santos began his music career primarily as a producer. Here he worked with B-Case, for example, together they developed the pieces “Feel It” and “Lucky L” in 2013 and 2014. Santos had worked with rapper KY before this success, but the duo quickly disbanded.

In 2015 Santos worked as a co-producer and singer on the soundtrack of “Fack ju Göhte 2”. He also worked on Mr. Da-No’s “Holding On” and Topics “Home”. Through these singles, Santos made the leap into the Swiss charts and also his first platinum success.

Further co-productions followed in 2016 with Mark Forster’s “We’re Big” and in 2017 with Lena Meyer-Landrut’s “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter”. In 2019 Santos worked again with Meyer-Landrut for the duet “Better”. He can also be seen with her at “The Voice of Germany”, where Santos is a comeback judge.

In 2017 Santos finally became known through his first solo album “Streets of Gold”. The decoupled single “Rooftop” quickly became a mega hit in Europe. Also known is Santos’ single “Safe” from 2018.

Career highlights

Even before his singing success, Nico Santos was very successful as a producer. So he secured the first recognition with “Lucky L” by reaching number 6 on the international DJ charts. “Home” with the musician Topic placed in the top 10 in Austria, also in Germany and Australia.

In 2015 Santos worked on the soundtrack for “Fack ju Göhte 2”. His songs “Here Comes The Sun” and “It’s Gonna Be Alright”, which he sang for himself, were the most successful of the film based on the number of downloads. Mark Forster’s single “We Are Great”, which was co-produced by Santos, also reached the top 10 and a platinum award.

Nico Santos’ first own success was the album “Streets of Gold” released in 2017, which was in the top 25 for three weeks. The decoupled single “Rooftop” was placed in the top ten in several countries, stayed in the German charts for 32 weeks and was awarded gold. In 2018, the singer added another hit with “Safe”, which was on the charts for eighteen weeks.

Famous quotes

– All my senses just need to know why your heart feels like gold. (Rooftop)
– I’ll be staring out the window thinking: Please keep her safe. (Safe)
– It’s mega, mega nice to hear my own songs on the radio.
– Writing songs for yourself is the most personal. And then play them live on stage!

Amazing facts

– Nico Santos would like to sing a duet with Sarah Connor after having contributed to her lyrics.
– The young musician starred in five episodes of “Rote Rosen” and appeared as a teenager in commercials for C&A.
– Santos is the son of Egon Wellenbrink, who became famous as a “Melitta man”. As a child, the musician knew nothing about it until he saw his father on TV.
– His stage name was given to him by his classmates: he comes from the Spanish singer Romeo Santos, whose mega hit Nico liked to sing as a child.


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