Last Friday at the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge, the spectators not only got a lot to watch in front of the screens, but were also really surprised. The largest

Surprise was certainly the comeback of “DSDS” judge Oana Nechiti on the “Let’s Dance” parquet.

The audience had eagerly awaited the big professional challenge of “Let’s Dance”. It was finally time on the last Friday. Then the professional dances were allowed to show their skills on the dance floor.

Erich Klann, for example, put a brisk number on the floor with the three-time pole dance world champion Anne-Marie Kot. And at the very end of this performance, an old friend made her comeback on “Let’s Dance”. At the end of the performance, her husband Erich Klann, Oana Nechiti emerged from the background, wrapped in a white robe. When the dancer finally removed the hood, they immediately recognized the television viewers. In the past two years, the dancer had refrained from participating in “Let’s Dance” in order to concentrate on her role as a juror on “DSDS”. “Of course I enjoy being back. But I have to say that I’ve discovered the side of viewers in recent years. It’s so nice to look at the whole thing from home. You can’t dance on two weddings, ”said Oana on the show.

Shortly after the end of “DSDS” there were rumors whether the jury of the talent show would continue with the same cast next year. A few comments from Oana and chief juror Dieter Bohlen on social media had suggested that RTL is probably planning with the idea of replacing the jury for the next season. Would this allow Oana Nechiti to return to “Let’s Dance”? “I can very well imagine coming back to Let’s Dance. Dancing is my passion. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. I will always be a dancer – no matter what jobs I have on the side, ”Oana had recently revealed on” Intouch Online “. So it will be interesting to see whether Oana will make a comeback on “Let’s Dance”.



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