Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry settled in Los Angeles, the couple has not yet made much money. Although Meghan had got a small role as a voice actress for a documentary at Disney, apart from that, there is still no clever job offer for her or her husband Prince Harry. But that could change soon. Because soon Meghan could ensure lasting quota records in a well-known TV show.

Because now Meghan gets a pretty surprising offer. And should she accept this suggestion, the Duchess could soon dance on TV. Show giant Bruno Toniolo really wants to win Meghan Markle as a candidate for the American version of “Let’s Dance”. In a video chat with the well-known reporter Terri Seymour, the jury member of the celebrity dance show “Dancing with the Stars” talks about his dream candidate for the next season. And Toniolo doesn’t take a leaf from his mouth: “Clearly Meghan Markle. She is here. ”In any case, the juror is convinced that Meghan would give a great picture on the dance floor. Not to mention the record rates that the show could achieve with her as a candidate.

Bruno Toniolo now wants to do everything possible to win Meghan as a candidate for the 29th season of the ABC show. Because Toniolo believes that participation in the show would also have a positive effect on the career of the former actress. Participation would also ground Meghan back to a normal person and maybe even polish up her tarnished image. So the doors to “Dancing with the Stars” are open to Meghan. In the interview with Terri Seymour, Tonioli even openly calls on the Duchess to participate. He says: “Meghan if you are watching this, we would love you to do it!” (In German: “Meghan, if you see this: we would very much like to have you with us.”). ABC is currently preparing the next season, which would also have to be shot without an audience due to the corona crisis. Will Meghan decide to participate after this almost public invitation?



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