The small mask multiplication table: Masks are mandatory across Germany from Monday – what are the differences between the models, how do you put them on and, above all, what is the best cleaning method – pharmacists clarify and give important tips!

In Saxony it has been worn for a week, in NRW or Bavaria it starts on Monday and in Schleswig-Holstein it will be new fashion from Wednesday. In all of Germany, a mask will be required in public transport, in shops and stores and wherever the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. But how do you deal with this new clothing tool?

Pharmacist Josef Kammermeier from Regensburg gives valuable tips on this. It starts with the selection of the model: “There are differences between different masks. We are talking about simple surgical surgical masks for single use and there is mouth-nose protection made of cotton that can be reused and even cooked. ”However, what is more important than what you wear is how you wear it. There are important things to consider when putting it on. “You have to try to touch the outside of the edges and the bands. Not the inside where you can transmit germs again, ”explains Kammermeier. The mask should be changed after two to three hours, as it will become damp and can no longer be used.

It will only become so after a drying and disinfecting cycle. Wool masks can be put in the washing machine so that they are clean again after washing at 30 degrees with detergent. The oven at 60 degrees is also a tried and tested method for wool masks. It is not advisable to simply boil it off or use the microwave. A scarf or shawl could also be used as long as there is a clear distinction between inside and outside. In principle, Kammermeier advises that reusable masks be used: “Masks are a valuable commodity.”


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