Victoria Swarovski is always in a good mood on TV, but many viewers have noticed that Victoria never speaks a word about her husband Werner Mürz. Admittedly, not everyone can understand this behavior from Victoria Swarovski (26). While the moderator of “Let’s Dance” seems to like flirting on the show, she has not been seen for a long time with her mate Werner Mürz (43). Is the marriage of the two already in crisis after 3 years?

At the moment it is logical that everyone cares about their families and relatives. The corona virus has already shown that the course of the disease can be very tricky. Victoria Swarovski has now been asked about her family’s health. And her response stunned many of her fans. Because she doesn’t mention her husband in her answer.

“My parents are in Kitzbühel with my two sisters and our dogs. They are fine, we have a beautiful garden and you can walk wonderfully through the forest. I miss her a lot. But the phone line is glowing. “

And how is the spouse Werner Mürz in Munich? Victoria doesn’t miss it? It is surprising that Victoria does not mention her husband with any syllable. Afterwards, the moderator declared that she would stay in Düsseldorf in the near future in order to be close to the TV studio. An indication that your marriage is in trouble? The moderator then diplomatically explains: “I must under no circumstances become infected, otherwise the show will be over for me.” So she is not visiting her husband at the moment in order not to become infected. Sounds reasonable at first, but it also shows that Victoria seems to place more priority on her career than on her private life.


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