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On today’s Mother’s Day, many celebrities will not miss the opportunity to say loving words to their mothers or to their children. Among them: YouTube star Bianca “Bibi” Claßen (27). She posted a photo of her offspring on Instagram and commented on the snapshot with heart-warming words: “Today is my second mother’s day and the first time as a double mom. There is nothing better in the world for me than being a mom, ”writes the 27-year-old.

“My children give me the most wonderful moments (and with us there is always action – as you can see in the picture)”, she continues. Her two children Lio (born 2018) and Emily (born 2022) put their feet in the face of their mother in the photo. While the influencer put on a big grin, the faces of her kids cannot be seen in the photo.

Emily and Lio not only hold hands sweetly but are also dressed in a partner look. “I am your mother’s day gift. Papa says, you’re welcome, ”is written on her blue and pink colored bodysuits. A gift from her husband Julian (27), as she explains in the post. “To see the two growing up completely fills me and I enjoy every second of our family happiness. Even though the two are so small, you can feel the connection between them, ”enthuses Bibi.

In March Bibi announced via Instagram that she had become a mother again. Little Emily was born on March 20 and makes the happiness of the small family perfect. Son Lio was born shortly after Bibi and Julian’s wedding in October 2018. But she doesn’t just have wonderful words for her children. Bibi also thinks of her own mother on this special day: “You are the best mom I could wish for … I love you.”

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