Capital: € 3 million
Age: 23
Born: July 6, 1996
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Youtuber
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Pamela Reif is a German influencer and youtuber who is best known for videos and posts about fitness and healthy eating.

Early life

Pamela Reif was born in Karlsruhe and grew up there.

While still at school, she started posting on Instagram when she was just 16 years old. Although she had all the options with a high school diploma of 1.0, she was certain that she wanted to make a living as an influencer.

So Pamela Reif also decided against an initially aimed business degree and immediately started as an internet personality.


After creating the Instagram account @pamela_rf in 2012, the number of her followers grew steadily and was 500,000 three years later. With sponsored posts and advertising revenue, the fitness blogger, who also works as a model, should already have built up a considerable fortune.

At the beginning of 2023, Pamela Reif already followed 4.5 million users on Instagram and saw her almost 1,400 posts on the online portal. On YouTube she has 1.66 million subscribers, which has resulted in her videos being viewed more than 103 million times.

Her second Instagram account @pamgoesnuts, which deals exclusively with nutrition, has already reached a number of over 300,000 subscribers. Throughout Germany, Pamela Reif is one of the best-known and best-deserved influencers. With an account with more than one million subscribers, at least 5,000-10,000 euros in earnings are possible per Instagram post. On YouTube, the total is up to 200,000 euros per video.

Pamela Reif has achieved a large part of her wealth by advertising clothing and nutrition brands in her videos and posts. It is also part of large-scale advertising campaigns and was featured, for example, on posters by the hair straightener manufacturer “Ghd” or the clothing brand “Calzedonia”.

In 2017 she also published her own book “Strong & Beautiful” with tips in the areas of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. She then launched another bestseller: the cookbook “You deserve this”. Both books have already been sold over 120,000 copies.

In addition, Pamela Reif brings her own products onto the supermarket shelves in cooperation with food manufacturers.
A knee in the career of the Karlsruhe woman is a judgment against her in January 2019, in which the plaintiff was right, who was directed against surreptitious advertising on the accounts of Pamela Reif. Because of this, she had to change her working habits, but this did not affect her number of followers.

Particularly in comparison to other influencers, Pamela Reif has no professional management behind her, but regulates her work completely independently and only with the help of relatives and friends.

She now sees herself not only as an influencer and youtuber, but also as an entrepreneur.

That is why further sources of income are already planned for the future, such as working with the music industry to raise awareness of emerging artists. In addition, the German is becoming more and more known internationally, which is why translations of her books are being considered.

Career highlights

Highlights of Pamela Reif’s career include the publication of her first own book and the cracking of the 4 million Instagram followers mark. In September 2019, Forbes magazine selected her as Germany’s most successful fitness influencer as a cover star.

Famous quotes

– “Karlsruhe is my haven of peace”
– “Everything on the Internet is super ephemeral”

Amazing facts

Despite her great fortune, Pamela Reif still lives at home with her parents in Karlsruhe.

In addition, despite her good looks after the relationship with soccer player Robert Bauer, the influencer no longer has a boyfriend.

In January 2023 she published a fitness video together with the internationally known singer Jason Derulo, which had over a million views in just a few weeks.

Her talents say that she gets her fist completely in her mouth.


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