Capital: € 100 million
Age: 47
Born: 08.09.1972
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

The American singer Pink was born in 1972 under the real name Alecia Beth Moore in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She has been married to American motocross rider Carey Hart since 2006 and has a daughter who was born in 2011 and a son who was born in 2016. Pink achieved her international musical breakthrough in the early 2000s with the single ‘Get this party started’ and the album ‘M! Ssundaztood’. With over 40 million albums sold and 70 million singles sold in her 20-year career, Pink is one of the most successful POP musicians of today.

Early life

The singer initially grew up in sheltered family relationships. While her father, Jim Moore, is of Irish descent and ran an insurance company as a Vietnam veteran, Pink’s mother, Judith Kugel, worked as a nurse. Her younger brother was born in 1977, shortly before the parents divorced in 1979. In her hometown of Doylestown, Pink last attended Central Bucks High School West, where she did not yet get a high school diploma – which she did not make up until later. Pink suffered severely from her parents’ divorce and the consequent loss of her father in her childhood and adolescence. The relationship with her mother became increasingly difficult until Pink rebelled against her. She started taking drugs and drinking alcohol and had to go to therapeutic treatment at the age of 14, but was unsuccessful. When Pink finally dropped out of school at the age of 16, she was thrown out of the apartment by her mother and from then on had to make a living on her own. So she worked briefly in a snack chain and wrote poems in which she worked on her experiences. Later she also processed her problematic family past in songs like ‘Family Portrait’.

Pink received the first points of contact with the music in her early childhood. Here she had to take dance and singing lessons because of her severe asthma to improve her breathing technique. As a result, her vocal skills increased enormously, so that she joined a gospel choir early on. She also learned to play the guitar from her father, who sang songs for herself and initially accompanied her on this instrument. In addition, she already had minor appearances in a band during high school and was hired by a DJ in Philadelphia as a dancer and backround singer for his hip-hop group ‘Schoolz of thought’. At the age of 14, Pink was finally allowed to appear once a week as a singer in Club Fever, where she already sang her first songs.


Pink moved to Atlanta at the age of 16, where in the 1990s, thanks to music greats such as Usher and Outcast, was a center of the American music industry. Here she founded the music group ‘Choice’ with two friends at the time, whose demo tape of the song ‘Key to my heart’ reached the music producer LA Reid. He signed the trio with his label LaFace Records. The song ‘Key to my heart’ finally appeared on the soundtrack for the movie ‘Kazaam’ in 1996. The band split up again in 1998 due to musical differences before their first, already sung, album could be released.

After working with producer Daryl Simmons during this time, Pink started working on her own songs again, so she was signed by LA Reid as a solo artist.

In spring 2000, Pink’s debut album ‘Can´t take me home’ was finally released. At that time, she was able to increase her popularity especially as the opening act for the boy group N * Sync on their No Strings Attached Tour. This was followed by collaboration on the soundtrack of the film Moulin Rouge, for which Pink recorded the classic ‘Lady Marmalade’ together with Christina Aguilera, Mýa and Lil ‘Kim at the beginning of 2001. This topped the charts worldwide, which at the same time helped Pink to become internationally known and her first of three Grammy in 2002. Subsequently Pink had her greatest musical success with her albums ‘M! Ssundaztood’ and ‘Try this’. The albums ‘I´m not dead’ (2006), ‘Funhouse’ (2008), ‘Greatest Hits… So Far !!!’ followed at regular intervals. (2010), ‘The Truth About Love’ (2012), ‘Beautiful Trauma’ (2017) and most recently ‘Hurts 2B Human’ (2019).

Famous quotes

“You only get as much respect as you ask for.”
“Inside we’re all p! Nk.”
“I hate racism. Whether white, black, yellow or red – it doesn’t matter at all. What is this nonsense? I’m pink – and that’s a good thing! ”

Amazing facts

For Pink, on the one hand, music is a kind of therapy, on the other hand, she says of herself that she couldn’t write lyrics if she was really happy. As a member of the animal protection organization, she also fights for animal rights. Her stage name can ultimately be traced back to her shameful blush at the age of eight in a holiday camp and the character ‘Mister Pink’ in the film ‘Resevoir Dogs’.


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