Prince Harry has left his homeland a few weeks ago to start a new life in the United States with his wife Meghan. And of course Prince Charles continues to worry about his son’s well-being despite all the conflicts. But he disturbed his father’s heart by distancing himself from the English royal court.

On April 1st, Meghan and Prince Harry officially resigned from their royal duties. After the couple initially spent a few weeks in Canada, the couple has now chosen Los Angeles as their new home. A city that particularly knows Meghan like the back of her hand and that offers her professional opportunities above all. And apparently the relationship between Meghan and Harry is going better than ever. Now the two supposedly even want to brush up on their yes. The couple plans to hold this ceremony in Los Angeles. However, no family members of the English royal family should be invited to this festive occasion. Not even Prince Charles, who used his influence with Queen Elizabeth so that his son Harry could get permission to marry the divorced US actress Meghan Markle.

Although the relationship between Prince Harry and his father Charles is said to have always been good, Harry apparently doesn’t want him around him now. Harry is said to have even found a “replacement dad” in the United States. Pop mogul David Foster. His wife, actress Katharine McPhee said in the US TV show “Access Hollywood”: “My husband has a really nice relationship with Harry.” And she adds smugly: “You are so cute. They are like father and son. ”Prince Charles should surely cause a further stab in the heart besides the inexplicable behavior of his son.



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