Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry had originally planned to start a new life in the United States. Everything was supposed to be different there because the couple were fed up with the constant media hype and the penetrative persecution by the paparazzi. But now it also seems to be a problem with her new home in California

to give, which endangers the private sphere of the family.

After the royal couple initially sought refuge in Canada, they continued to California from there. Now Harry and Meghan live in the film metropolis of Los Angeles on a property of the film producer Tyler Perry. There the couple wanted to isolate themselves from the public together with their son Archie. But that seems to be a problem right now. The measures to combat the highly contagious corona virus are now being relaxed in California too. And some of these easing is a problem for both privacy and the security of the celebrity couple.

From now on, people in California can again use public hiking trails, some of which seem to be around the home of Prince Harry and wife Meghan. Now this is definitely good news for California citizens. For Harry and Meghan, however, this could be a problem. As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reports, the property on which the couple’s luxurious property is located is perfectly visible from some of the hiking trails. This would endanger the security of the couple and also lead the desire for privacy to absurdity. Supposedly, the couple has already started to erect protective fences to protect themselves from prying eyes in the future. It remains to be hoped that Harry and Meghan can finally live as they had imagined through this measure.



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