Attacked by strangers

For Rafi Rachek it should be a cozy Tuesday evening with friends. Instead, the former “Bachelor in Paradise” participant ended up in the hospital. Near the Aachen pond in Cologne, he was initially insulted by a group of strangers, then attacked. The 30-year-old reports in his Instagram story: Several people would have insulted him as "fag", after that he could not remember anything. "I woke up in the forest at some point, could not move my arm and had a laceration on my shin."

He returned to his friends in shock. "I didn't even know what happened," Rachek continues. He was finally treated in the hospital. The result shows the 30-year-old, who came out as gay at "Bachelor in Paradise", on Instagram: a black eye, the right arm in plaster and a large plaster on the damaged shin. He has already filed a complaint.



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