Probably no one has mixed up the local hit scene in the last few years like DSDS winner Ramon Roselly. After the former artist sang “100 years are still too short for a great love” by Randolph Rose in both the casting and the finale of the current DSDS season, the hit star, who had hit after hit especially in the 1970s, now wants to join in to say thank you for his version of “One Night”.

Ramon’s spectacular triumphal march began with “100 years” through this season of “Germany is looking for the superstar”. The newcomer and the veteran have had close friendship since the first DSDS casting and get on very well. In any case, Randolph was overwhelmed by the resonance that spilled over to him through Ramon’s grandiose appearances with the 12-year-old song, so he now wants to give back something of this honor.

An acoustic thank you

“My team and I decided to also present Ramon’s hit as a thank you for the multiple presentation of my song ‘100 years are still too short’ in the current DSDS season. I am super proud that Ramon was able to qualify for the casting with my almost unknown song and performed it enthusiastically again in the finale. “His enthusiasm for our music, his authenticity and his great talent brought him an overwhelming victory,” said Randolph Rose.

Ramon Roselly: Randolph Rose covert "Eine Nacht"

Photo: Ute Woitas


Randolph’s version now brings the song in its own 70s touch with contemporary beats as a great tribute to the songwriter and the upcoming hit entertainer Ramon Roselly. The producers Kelly Reischl and Peter Werba put a lot of effort into the arrangement so that it also exists before Dieter’s eyes.

However, in order not to disturb Ramon Roselly’s triumphal march, Randolph Rose will only release his version of the song “Eine Nacht” four weeks after the release of the Roselly single – so in the coming week on May 8th, 2022.


By the way: As a future project, Rose can very well imagine the duet with the DSDS winner that is always desired by all fans and media, because the love for the old hit song unites them both. We stay excited!



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