Rapper Guf staged dog fight live

on the Eve of the artist account in the social network appeared the video, where he walks on a leash shepherd dog named Gucci on the territory of the holiday village. Live singer shared with the followers their thoughts on the theme of the last decree of isolation that permits you to walk the dog on the street at a distance of 100 meters from the house.

However, the artist had to interrupt his speech, as the dog noticed and started to rush to two other dogs in the neighborhood: Golden Retriever and black Labrador. “Want to let him go?” asked Gough to his subscribers.

After Dolmatov walked up with a dog to two dogs, his sheep-dog start to bite the Retriever, but the rapper did not stop her. He laughed and cheered your pet: “Come on, Gucci!”.

the Actor repeatedly threatened to pull the animal off the leash. Some time later appeared the owners of loose dogs. Rap artist chastised them for what Retriever and a Labrador running around without leashes. In response, the man and the woman explained that their Pets ran away.

Frame: instagram.com/therealguf

Terrible images shocked the Internet users. On the video drew the attention of animal rights activists, they intend to write a statement to law enforcement. “Please bring this “star” to criminal, administrative responsibility”, – quotes the message of the activists from the public organization “Zoopreme” TV channel “360”.

Rapper Guf is not the first time gets involved in a scandal. Earlier Alexey Dolmatov was detained at the airport of Abu Dhabi in the UAE: he staged a brawl on Board the aircraft, flying from Phuket. The actor spent several hours in police custody before he was taken away by relatives.