Realtors suggest to buy apartments in the background COVID-19

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

Vice-President of the Russian Guild of realtors Constantine Aprelev told about the impact of the pandemic coronavirus in the Russian real estate market. According to him, now is the best time to buy apartments, according to news Agency “national news service”.

it is Noted that due to the spread of coronavirus infection the demand for apartments in April may significantly fall. This applies to both new buildings and second homes. In particular, experts predict a decline in prices by the summer of 10-20%.

“taking into account the latest risk of devaluation of the national currency, I would advise those people who need improvement of housing conditions and have savings in rubles to take the effort to purchase a property, because it is unclear what will happen with the ruble savings,” said Aprelev.

in Addition, the expert recommended not to take out loans to purchase real estate, as this includes risks of default by the borrower.

Aprelev added that the quarantine on the background COVID-19 has not so much influence the real estate market. In this situation, he only reduces the number of viewings of apartments and the interest in buying real estate.

Earlier it was reported that the demand for rent of country houses and cottages in the suburbs after the announcement outside the working week increased by 90%. The main criteria when you rent cottages in the conditions of coronavirus was the distance from Moscow and location in the forest.

Demand for rent of country houses and cottages in the suburbs increased by 90%

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