Representatives of Prince Charles told about his condition


Photo: AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth,

The Official representatives of Prince Charles told of his condition, report “”.

currently, according to representatives of the heir to the throne, in the state of his health there is a positive trend. The disease is caused by a coronavirus, was Prince Charles in the form of light. In particular, it is not choked, and he never had recorded fever.

After a positive test for coronavirus Prince Charles have isolated themselves in their home in Scotland. His wife Camilla was not revealed infection. With her husband she hasn’t seen this week because he had to abide by the quarantine.

on 30 March it became known that Prince Charles was released from isolation.

This is not the first case when the coronavirus affects the lives of celebrities. So, March 30 singer John Prine was hospitalized with a suspected infection COVID-19. Coronavirus revealed and the famous Opera performer Placido Domingo, but on 30 March it became known that he was discharged from the hospital.

on March 27, appeared in the media information about the hospitalization of frontman till Lindemann Rammstein because of the coronavirus. However then representatives of the group said that the test of the German singer on COVID-19 gave a negative result.

it is Also a coronavirus found in people’s artist of the RSFSR Lev Leshchenko and biathlete Anastasia Galiullina.