Capital: € 533 million
Age: 32
Born: 02/20/1988
Country of origin: Barbados
Source of wealth: singer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

At the age of 31, Rihanna had sold 250 million records and nine Grammys. In addition to the music, the Barbadian artist tries out all other levels of creativity and also scores with acting, fashion and cosmetics.

Early life

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, Barbados in early 1988. She grew up in the capital, Bridgetown, with two little brothers. Rihanna’s parents are an accountant and a warehouse worker, both of whom have roots in Ireland and Guyana, among others. When she was a teenager, Rihanna’s parents divorced after excessive drug use and violence by her father.

In her youth, the later artist took part in a military training program. She says she started singing after seeing Beyoncé Knowles performing Destiny’s Child. Rihanna named Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Madonna as further role models. Inspired by her great idols, Rihanna founded a girl group with her classmates in 2003.

During an audition in front of a producer, the youth was separated from the group and should sing alone. A demo CD was then sent out and the first record deal was signed for Rihanna. Two years later the young woman released her debut album, 2006 the first hit “Unfaithful”.


In 2007, Rihanna finally achieved an international breakthrough with the album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, which contained mega hits such as “Umbrella” and “Don’t Stop The Music”. Just two years later, she released the sequel “Rated R”. The young musician had worked out the concept for the new album herself this time, she had contributed to the lyrics and the production and also earned respect for it: “Rated R” was rated as more serious and serious and was a great success.

As a result, Rihanna worked with well-known artists such as Eminem, with whom she released the song “Love The Way You Lie” in 2010. In the same year her new album “Loud” was released with well-known singles like “Only Girl” or “S&M”. This was followed in the coming year “Talk That Talk” and in 2012 the record-breaking album “Unapologetic” with Rihanna’s huge successes like “Stay” and “Diamonds”.

Rihanna increasingly devoted herself to other projects: in 2013 she designed four fashion collections and her first cosmetic line. Today the young woman owns an entire cosmetics company and also a lingerie brand. She also had acting experiences in films such as “Valerian” or “Ocean’s 8”. No wonder Forbes added her to the list of the world’s most influential people.

After a long break, Rihanna released her latest album “Anti” in 2016, which allowed her to build on the success of the other works. Marketing was in 2015 over several published songs such as “FourFiveSeconds” with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, “Work” with Drake and “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

Career highlights

Rihanna’s first mega-hit was “Unfaithful”, which went to number 1 on several chart lists in 2006. The same was true for the album “Good Girl Gone Bad” released the following year, which was a worldwide success and was awarded a Grammy and sevenfold gold. “Good Girl Gone Bad” sold nine million records.

In 2009, the album “Rated R” placed in the German Top 5 for more than forty weeks. Then Rihanna started off with singles: in 2011 she released “We Found Love”, one of the most successful songs of the year, which was again awarded a Grammy and, like “Only Girl” in the previous year, took first place.

The singer was at the top of her career in 2012 with the album “Unapologetic”, which achieved better sales figures than ever before and received a Grammy. The single “Stay” rose to the top 5 in all publishing countries, the second world hit “Diamonds” reached the top of the charts in more than twenty countries.

In 2016 Rihanna was able to stay in the top 10 with her much-advertised album “Anti”. The most popular was the song “Work” with the rapper Drake, which reached number 1 in the US charts. All single releases from “Anti” received platinum at least once, the album was nominated several times for a Grammy.

Famous quotes

– You will never be stylish if you don’t risk anything.
– I take risks when I’m bored.
– I’ve always been certain that if you follow your heart you can’t lose.
– People think we are not complex because we are young. But that’s not true.

Amazing facts

– At one of her fashion shows, Rihanna let pregnant models run. There is no end to her art, she works as creative director at Puma and has been on the cover of Vogue three times.
– The singer is very committed to social projects, especially when it comes to fighting cancer.
– Rihanna is the youngest solo artist with fourteen number one hits in the Billboard Hot 100.
– Although Beyoncé is one of her idols, Rihanna didn’t like being compared to her at first.


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