Robin Schulz’s last single “In Your Eyes (feat. Alida)” continued the musician’s success story to this day. So far, she has reached number 5 in the German single charts, number 2 in the German Airplay and number 3 in Shazam Germany, as well as top 20 in the Shazam Global Charts, top 10 in the European Airplay and 80 million streams worldwide.

The official music video, in which top model Toni Garrn plays alongside Robin Schulz, currently has over 25.6 million YouTube views.

Just last Sunday, Robin played a 45-minute live DJ set at the LEC Spring Split Finals 2023, the mega event in the world of e-sports. Reason enough to follow up, how is Robin doing now?

Robin Schulz: So geht's dem Star-DJ in der Zwangspause

Photo: Robert Wunsch


Sick or healthy?

What is different in your everyday life now?
Of course, a lot has changed due to the situation. I no longer have appearances and therefore I am at home all the time. This limitation is of course noticeable. The situation is not easy for all of humanity. However, I very much hope that we can get out of there as best we can.

What plans can you not implement now?
Especially my live tours. I had planned some shows, concerts, festivals, cooperate events, promotions and much more. This is now on hold.

How do you assess the situation for art and culture?
The incision is huge. Regardless of the major professional problems, this situation is a major cut in our cultural and artistic freedom for the entire population. But of course I think above all of those who have made a living from their performances, shows, appointments. To all freelance people who actively support us artists and implement many ideas. Also to all promoters and organizers who are forced to rethink. I think each of us is missing a large part of this culture and art, whether it’s a visit to the cinema, the concert of our favorite artists or just a nice dinner at the Italian restaurant around the corner. Nevertheless, I hope that we can get through this and if the situation calms down, we can enjoy these diverse possibilities together.

What are you doing all day long now?
To be honest, I cook a lot. More than before. I am very lucky to be able to continue working and am currently working on my album. In addition, I am looking forward to starting a new project soon and of course continue to produce music. So it doesn’t get boring. Nevertheless, I am also worried and think a lot about the difficult situation. However, everyone feels that way.

How can artists make sensible use of their reach in times of crisis?
It is a narrow degree. Of course, I try to use my voice to draw attention to this important topic. However, I think it is harmful to address the public too often with dangerous half-knowledge. What I can say is trust in the government, implement the prescribed measures and persevere, I believe in our system, then we can do it. Of course there are now many opinions on certain measures, but opinions are not facts and in such I would rather stick to the facts.

Are there things you always wanted to do and now have time for?
Above all, to focus more on the music. Due to the constant touring it is difficult to always get both under one roof. I therefore spend a lot of time in the studio. At the same time, my team and I are always trying to find ways to reach my fans despite the current situation and to bring them some lightness into the difficult everyday life with the music. I am excited anyway by my colleagues and all those who are currently proving in creative ways and whites that there are always ways to express his art. Be it through live streams, which have proven themselves for me as a DJ, or through ingenious videos on social media channels.

Still enough noodles and toilet paper in the house?
Yes, enough for the next few days. Otherwise I go to the supermarket and buy new ones.

What is the last photo you took with your cell phone?
You can see a freshly grilled steak on it, in my garden, on two plates for me and my girlfriend. I hope to cover more people soon.


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