Roger Whittaker has long become a legend as a musician. Almost 50 years ago, the Briton, born in Kenya, achieved global success with “The Last Farewell”. Since then, Roger Whittaker’s music has been known almost everywhere in the world. Roger Whittaker also won the big draw privately, because together with his wife Natalie the couple raised a total of 5 children. Before the end of his life, the musician wants to fulfill one last wish.

Roger Whittaker has said goodbye to the show stage since 2011 and announced the end of his career at the age of 75. Since then, the singer has lived in the south of France with his great love Natalie O’Brien. There the couple settled in a quaint parish called Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. But with all luck, a drop of defiance will cloud the mood of the famous singer. His five adult children live with their own families all over the world. And before his death, Roger Whittaker wants to gather his children around him at least once more.

After Whittaker and his wife remained childless for a long time despite all attempts, the couple had adopted their two daughters Emiliy (1968) and Lauren (1970). But then the miracle happened and the couple actually had three children of their own. In the following years, Jessica (1973), Guy (1974) and Alexander (1978) completed the family of the well-known singer. Little by little, the singer’s youngsters have spread all over the world, making a family reunion extremely difficult. In addition, the relationship with his children seems to be a bit cloudy, Whittaker had made the decision years ago to disown his children and to donate his assets to a charity.

But now the singer apparently wants to bury the disputes in the family and wishes nothing more than once again all his children to be able to unite him. How much time the singer has left for this project is unfortunately not foreseeable. Lately the singer has been struggling with serious health problems. Among other things, Whittaker suffers from acute heart problems and dizziness. We can only hope that Roger Whittaker can fulfill his last big wish in time.



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