When will the clubs finally open again? The new song “TKN” by Rosalia and Travis Scott has what it takes to become the banger of the year.

The track “TKN” by Rosalia (26) and Travis Scott (28) is finally at the start. A few weeks ago, the Spaniard let her fans know that she was in the studio with the rapper again. The result of their second, creative cooperation was a “totally aggressive club song”.

Now a party song during Corona

However, after the corona epidemic took the entire world hostage, it decided against a release. Now the newcomer obviously changed her mind. In a statement, she said:

I think the time has come to release this song. After staying inside for so many months, foregoing freedom or being with the people we love. I hope “TKN” fills you with energy, makes you dance and gives you the strength to endure this difficult time. “

Rosalia: Hier ist endlich "TKN" mit Travis Scott



Rosalia keeps his word. With “TKN”, the Grammy winners really deliver an absolute club hit that immeasurably increases the desire for a wild party night with friends, drinks and flirts on the dance floor.

Travis Scott raps in Spanish

The song also offers a premiere. Fans hear US rapper Travis Scott rap in Spanish for the very first time. Kylie Jenner’s (22) ex-boyfriend is usually known for a strong Texas slang from his hometown of Houston.

The whole constellation reminds us a little of the mega hit “Despacito” from 2017. We are excited to see whether this collaboration will make history as did Daddy Yankee (43), Luis Fonsi (42) and Justin Bieber (26).


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