Roshal reacted to the death of a baby from COVID-19, after the words about children

the President of the Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal has commented on the death of the death of the infant with coronavirus in Chicago. Prior to that, he claimed that children COVID-19 no more dangerous than SARS.

According to the honored physician in this situation it is necessary to take medical history and to peruse her. As the “Lift”, it is better to have “objective data of the autopsy and after that only you can talk”.

Roshal said that according to world statistics, children who died from COVID-19 is still very small. The children do “all this is easier happens.”

Thus, Roshal did not abandon his words. However, he added that children still need to protect.

“I advise all to stay together in the apartment. If you want, open the window or balcony,” said Roshal.

prior To that, he said that coronavirus infection less often affects children, so for them it is no more dangerous than SARS.