There should actually be a big celebration at Buckingham Palace today. But with the outbreak of the highly contagious corona virus, all festivities have been canceled. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth may not be able to celebrate her 94th birthday as usual. The British monarch is currently in quarantine at Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip.

Since both Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip belong to the coronavirus risk group because of their old age, the two were sent to Quarantine at Windsor Castle weeks ago. Apparently just in time, because a little later Prince Charles tested positive for the dangerous virus. For security reasons, the Queen will now only be able to accept the well-deserved congratulations from family members via video chat. The members of the English royal family unfortunately have to forego visits by the head of the family in order not to expose the queen and her husband to any unnecessary risk of infection.

There are usually other activities in honor of the monarch every birthday of the Queen, but all festivities have been canceled this year. Neither the traditional cannon salute in honor of the Queen will take place and the traditional birthday parade “Trooping the Color” has been canceled. We can only hope that the Queen at least will be spoiled by the staff at Windsor Castle on her special day.


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