Selena Gomez also wrote new music during the lockdown period. The singer was in the recording studio before the time of the exit restrictions and does not want to lose her “inspiration” for new material even when she is working in her home studio.

In an interview with Puma, Selena Gomez said: “Before the exit restrictions, I worked in the recording studio. I didn’t want to lose the feeling of inspiration, so I write these ideas and lyrics in my diaries. ”


She has a home studio

Selena had recently designed her own home studio. The artist shared the news that she had built her own recording studio in her home studio in Los Angeles on her Instagram account and titled the post with the words: “Temporary studio so I can work from home.”

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The news of the celebrities’ new home studio was made public shortly after the announcement that the brunette was writing new material amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a conversation with Dazed magazine, the beauty revealed her concerns about the release of her new record: “I was afraid that nobody would like it and that my career as a singer would be over. I actually thought that. I worked so, so hard on the album. ”


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