This is finally good news in the busy Corona times! Rostock’s Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen (47) announces his city as the first German city “Corona-Free”! How did Rostock do the miracle?

Great news for the Rostock Hansestädter – Lord Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen reports the city as “Corona free”! The last Rostocker currently suffering from COVID-19 has now been released from quarantine. “! Breathe deeply with 209,000 Rostockers – but how did the city manage this little sensation? The Dane, who has been governing the German Hanseatic city since 2019, continues: “This confirms that the measures taken early on by the Hanseatic and university city were a complete success.” What did Rostock do differently from other German cities?

As the town hall announced in a message, Rostock reacted comprehensively and quickly immediately after the outbreak of the crisis! Concerts or major events were immediately canceled, daycare centers and schools closed, administration decimated and clinic capacities expanded. Rostock is now reaping the benefits of his good reaction. Chewing the OB, the health department in Rostock was able to identify and quickly isolate EVERY corona case – an absolute key in the fight against the virus! But – Madsen brakes too and makes a clear announcement!

Madsen is well aware that this is just a snapshot! “There will certainly be another virus outbreak in the country or in Rostock. It is then a matter of acting resolutely again and adjusting accordingly. We will continue to keep a close eye on developments in order to protect our fellow citizens as best we can! ”



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