It would be more than worrying if this thesis were confirmed. Severe cases of corona in children are increasing – and there is worse suspicion.

A bad suspicion has arisen, more and more severe corona courses can be observed in children and – apparently, corona triggers a severe syndrome in children! Doctors in Italy, England, Spain and other countries are alarmed. It is a rare complication that may be caused by the corona virus. Although there are still very few suspected cases, the number is increasing.

English intensive care doctors in particular are now sounding the alarm, they are increasingly observing severe courses in children, and this is particularly worrying – hyper-inflammation of several organs sometimes occurs! The symptoms were similar to those of the rare Kawasaki syndrome or the toxic shock syndrome. In plain language, this means that organs are attacked by the body itself and blood poisoning can also occur! Do we have to worry about our children now?

But, parents shouldn't be too worried, the British Association of Pediatricians said, according to the BBC report. Because even though the actually extremely rare Kawasaki disease appears to be increasing extraordinarily, there are still few cases in absolute terms. We are actually talking about a doubling, but in real cases there have been 20 children in Great Britain so far – otherwise there are around 10 at the same time. So, no mass phenomenon so far.



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