A few years ago, a woman’s ideal of beauty was the famous 90-60-90. This is now completely out of date, thanks to Kim Kardashian. The backside of a woman may like to be more expansive, as for example with Shirin David.

Admittedly, help was certainly given at Shirins Kiste, after all the YouTuber and rapper openly admitted that she had invested several thousand euros in her body. These curves now have to be celebrated properly, which is why the 25-year-old devotes an entire song to them.

Sounds like Nicki Minaj

David posted a CD cover of her new single on Instagram and wrote: “90-60-111”.

A short section of the song is already circulating on Instagram and her fans are completely enthusiastic, one writes: “I already love the song. It sounds like Nicki Minaj, but I like something like that. ”But fans have to wait a few more hours until the full version appears…

days ago she showed a brief insight into the song. A cool rap number in the style of her role model Nicki Minaj – which is also known for her bulging hips.



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