Vanessa Mai knows her strengths very well. Because shortly before her 28th birthday, the singer has shared an outrageously hot picture with her fans, on which Vanessa cheekily shows her plump flip side. You must have seen this insolent butt camera.

Vanessa Mai is not only a talented pop singer, she is also young and attractive. Today on May 2nd, the pop singer from Backnang is celebrating her 28th birthday. And before her day of honor, the singer has another very special gift ready for her numerous fans. Vanessa has now sent her followers particularly crisp greetings, which many have even forgotten about the current corona crisis. In her latest photo, Vanessa poses in front of the camera in a yellow satin blouse and with skimpy, white hot pants. The hot pants are cut so tight that you can clearly see Vanessa’s crisp buttocks. The musician gives the photo a playful touch and cheekily sticks out the tip of her tongue. Vanessa comments on her photo with “Last day being 27 ″.

Of course, this photo has undoubtedly sparked the enthusiasm of its numerous fans. “How beautiful”, “WOOOW”, “Pretty photo”, beautiful sight “,” Uff how beautiful you are! “And” You are just sooo infinitely beautiful Enjoy the last day at 27 “, can be read in the comment columns of Instagram . Shortly after the release, the pop singer got more than 7,800 likes with the sexy photos of her butt flash. And the trend continues to rise. With their likes, fans make Vanessa probably the most beautiful birthday present.


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