Dance professional Massimo Sinato had an interesting appointment. Because in Heidi Klum’s show “GNTM” he was able to work with the pretty girls for a while. In any case, Massimo Sinato (39) has trouble concentrating fully on his job as a dance coach. But apparently one of the candidates aroused Massimo’s interest.

The audience will be particularly excited to see how wife Rebecca liked Massimo’s appearance on the show. Fortunately, Rebecca was allowed to appear on the same show as a jury member. So she had her husband under her strict eyes all the time. The two had met at Let’s Dance in 2012. At that time Massimo was married to another woman. But during the show, the two fell in love and have been married for several years. So it is certainly nothing new for Rebecca that her Massimo can be very charming. And the dancer has now used this charm with the top model contenders, whom he was to teach salsa, tango and rock ‘n’ roll.

And despite the wife as a jury member, Massimo collected some flirting points with the young women. So Massimo was in the best of turtle mood. During the show the dancers could already be heard making one or two joking comments. But Massiomo had also found his favorite among the candidates. In any case, the viewers of the show noticed the good chemistry between the dancer and the blonde Tamara. And even after the show, Massimo doesn’t seem to have lost interest in Tamara. Because as you can see now the dancer is already following her on Instagram, where he has given out a lot of likes to Tamara’s photos. And Tamara also sought contact via social media. One can assume that Rebecca will keep a close eye on Massimo’s activities on Instagram.


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