Singer Zara told how to cook dolma: I'm at home

According to the recommendations of the singer, the day should start with a glass of warm water, you can add the lemon juice. And then, after a while, is to drink smoothies. Zara prepares it as follows: celery, kiwi, spinach, Apple, parsley (or a parsley or cilantro) and ginger. “I put ginger quite a bit,” says Zara. Then the singer sports. In the form in which it is available today.

in addition, Zara finally has an opportunity today to spend time in the kitchen. Here is a recipe of delicious dolma from her:

Mutton – 1 kg.

Mutton – 300 grams.

Veal chops – 4 PCs.

Grape leaves – 600 grams.

Rice – 300 gr.

onions – 2-3 pieces.

Tomato – 3 PCs.

Herbs – parsley, cilantro, Basil

sour Cream – 200 g.

Garlic, salt, pepper, spices

butter – 100 gr.

Sacrament preparation dolma from Zara next: the stuffing should add the washed rice and scrolled in a meat grinder onion and chopped greens. “While dry hand – draws the attention of Zara on an important detail – it is good to grind in the palms of Basil”.

the Prime Rib pepper and salt and put in pan on the bottom. Dolma should be placed, according to the recipe of Zara, on them. Grape leaves singer recommends that you rinse with boiling water to the leaves glistened, and wrap them in the stuffing so that the most shiny side on the outside. “So dolma will be more attractive”, – says the singer. Then Zara recommends to cut tomato rings put him on top of the dolma, and salt. “Then we add water to the pan, says Zara, can broth, but since we’re at the bottom of the ribs, they will give their flavor”. And then the singer draws attention to an important detail: “what in pan, covering with a plate, it is very important to dolma did not deploy! And put it on medium or low heat for 30 minutes.”

did Not hide a secret and Zara prepare the sauce: in sour cream, add crumbled the garlic and salt. “Now, in the season of viruses, we eat garlic every day,” said Zara.

After boiling the dolma, the singer keeps the dish on the heat for another 20 minutes.

And finally Zara opened another of his culinary secret: before serving, it pours dolma melted butter. For this singer raskryvaet on plates ready dish – dolma, ribs, puts it on top of the sauce and pours it all with melted butter.

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