Smart tea party: the hat mandatory

I see it this way, says Herrmann. – Found a group of organizers who are passionate about the costumes of different eras, they collect a big table, cover it. Of course, in addition to the beautiful set, needs to be samovars and Moscow real pie, and then you can look at the interests of the participants. Most importantly, the organizers of the tea parties supported the idea of participating, depending on which group will be selected.

According to Lavrentyev, such tea you can do theme – confined to any dates. This format fit perfectly with the guitar, poetry reading. “Several ladies certainly should be in hats – dreams project proponent. – It will be very beautiful.” The time of the warm season, especially in spring, when blooming gardens, and early fall, when I finished time for the holidays. And the place – any Park of the city; Lavrentyev himself closer to the other new Park in Mitino, Moscow’s only archaeological Park.

the Idea of fancy tea parties became a “Choice of experts” on the crowdsourcing platform of the government of Moscow the project “My Park”, which passed the stage of expert selection in October 2019 and gained a lot of support on the vote. For Hermann Lavrent this is the second project in which he participates as a generator of ideas. “The first was the “Museums of Moscow,” recalls Herrmann. – My idea is not chosen by the experts, but at the meeting with the Deputy Director for scientific research, which took place at the end of the project, I made suggestions. And they are now really come to life. The tour guides really started to call the group on speakerphone – we’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, and now come and listen to what we called personal search is not necessary, it was convenient”.