Capital: € 120 million
Age: 48
Born: 10/20/1971
Country of origin: USA
Source of wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

The rapper and reggea musician Snoop Dogg is an artist from the USA who is one of the most successful musicians of the past three decades beyond his genres. In addition to music, he is also active and successful as an actor. He also works in numerous areas as an New Year’s Eve or as an entrepreneur.

Early life

He got his nickname “Snoop” from his mother, who gave him birth in 1971 in Long Beach, California, because he was so excited about the Peanuts as a child. Growing up in a poor district of the city, he started rapping early. He also became a member of a gang early on, the Rollin ’20’s Crips, which he still belongs to. So he also spent some time in prison. Then he decided to change his life and work in the music field. First he recorded some songs as group “213”. One of the tapes landed on Dr.’s desk Dre, who eventually signed him on as a musician.


His first album from 1993, “Doggystyle”, immediately became a No. 1 hit in the USA. His debut was sold four million times in his home country alone. With pieces primarily recorded in the style of G-Funk, he immediately conquered the market. During this time, however, he was charged with murder that his bodyguard is said to have committed while Snoop Dogg was driving the car. Since the court believed the need for self-defense, he was acquitted.

Therefore it took three years for his second album, “Tha Doggfather”, to be released. Nevertheless, this also ended up in first place in the USA. Then Snoop Dogg separated from Dr. Dre. He released three albums for his new label until 2001. These were again a huge success, even if only the first of them once again reached number 1. The other two still reached rank 2 and rank 4 of the charts.

It was formative at this time that he always had numerous guests on his albums. Artistically, he increasingly distanced himself from his original style. However, Snoop Dogg’s commercial success continued. His autobiography was also published in 2011.

Publishing on his own label from now on, he made a brilliant comeback with “Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo $$”. Several mix tapes were published by him. Stylistically and also in terms of general appearance, he had meanwhile said goodbye to the gangster image.

Nevertheless, the criticism of his old fans grew that the typical west coast sound was missing on his records. After that, he was no longer able to achieve absolute successes as in his early days, but he remained both artistically lively and commercially successful.

He founded two new groups of West Coast rappers, continued to release his own albums, and then in 2012, somewhat surprisingly, decided not to do rap anymore, but reggea. That’s why he changed his name from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion. An encounter with Rastafarians in Jamaica had changed him greatly. However, the two albums released under this name became a flop.

In 2015 he released the album “Bush” again under his old name.

In addition to his musical activities, he has already been seen many times as an actor in his career. He also invests money in a wide variety of projects.

Career highlights

From a commercial point of view, the highlights of his career were his first albums, which all reached number 1 on the album charts in the USA. His most successful single, however, was only released in 2004. “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, which was sold over 3.3 million times.

Personally, the highlight of his career was probably when he decided after a prison sentence to turn professionally to the music business in the first place.

In addition, there are some appearances as actors in films that have been very well received by critics. The fact that he is also very active in the field of charity should in turn be rated highest by outside observers.

Famous quotes

“I’m a bad boy with lots of sluts.”

“Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen to you. It will teach you what you should have done next time. ”

“When I am here I want to be loved. And the only way to get love is to give love. ”

“That is why I am so successful. Because peace is my main topic. There is no money. It’s about making sure everyone has a good time loving, living and enjoying their lives. ”

Amazing facts

He is committed to Islam.

In 2000 he published a film that combined hiphop with explicit pornography.

He has been married to his wife since 1997 and has three children with her.

For an advertising clip he once sang “It’s nice to be in the world” by Roy Black.


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