The room key weighs heavy. It also could be the key to the treasure chamber in the cellar of the old-established vineyards around Bolzano. No room card, no plastic. The already by Thousands of guests hands previous key opens the in his frame a bit of jiggling the lock of the second door (of course, the rooms have double doors) of the room 22 of Bolzano, on the second floor of the old tract from the “Parkhotel Holzner” in the upper, today’s South Tyrol and Italian.

The Hotel was built in 1908, as the upper part of the Tyrol and of Austria Bolzano, and the old wing of the house still looks today. A veteran of Alpine tourism, the perfect place for a summer resort, but also for a Sunny autumn holiday.

At my place of domicile of the wooden floor that shines so beautifully like a Pair of polished shoes that are already registered like me. The establishment of furniture is a relaxed mix of a few builders and a lot of art Nouveau. Marble stone chests, chests of drawers and an old fashioned dressing table with a mirror to send greetings from the K. u.-k-times. Casual charm, a bit of Tradition, but without the Overdose of the power room 22 for me, the most beautiful in the world.

From the “Parkhotel” is a view on the mountains around Bolzano

In some of the rooms in the old wing also has a wicker chair. You don’t take it not one hundred percent accurate, the guest is residing in a Museum and also has to endure the sight of the black Flat-Screen TVs. Nevertheless, all of the furniture and lamps were made almost from the time of the opening of the hotel, which was established in cooperation with the station of soprabolzano.

The “Parkhotel” belonged at first to the track, but the family Holzner guided it from the beginning, and later you bought it. The urge to get the charming furniture and rooms or halls, the attitude of the family also, as in the 50s and 60s, the art Nouveau style was totally out. What a far-sighted attitude!

the room 22 has a South-facing balcony, including a magnificent panoramic view over the Bolzano surrounding mountains and forests to the South Tyrolean Dolomites. Back pale shimmer to the distinctive contours of the Schlern and the rose garden in the morning sun. The Pink balcony flowers is a welcome contrast to the White and brown of the room, which is a very sets easy with Blue and Green.

This calm is only interrupted in the early Morning from the entertainer, the spacious Outdoor swimming Pool the Floating commands. Such dummy classes serve as the semi-host of the guards in room 22 as a reference to the time and opportunity, once again turn over in bed.

Some of the draws of the South Tyrolean Hotel since decades

The Breakfast as well as lunch and dinner in the remaining dining rooms from the early days of the hotel. On warm days, on the Sunny terrace with the addictive views of the valley.

The Board food is okay, in some Parts, maybe prepared a bit conventional. If you want more voltage on the plates, and reserved a table at the À-la-carte Restaurant in the mountain-side part of the hotel. The most of the hotel guests do once or twice in the course of their stay.

There has been established a few years ago, the Restaurant “1908”, where chef Stephan Zippl pulls out all the stops of modern cooking. His menus are so seasoned sophisticated as perfectly, such as Beetroot foam with trout, horseradish, Crème fraîche, or barley tortelli with Lammbries, hemp, and Prickly pear. Nitrogen could Allergy get however, when one or the other of the molecular cuisine-inspired dish difficulty in breathing.

the wine cellar of the house is extra-ordinary. And in the Restaurant you can have to pour each course the appropriate mountain Apple juice by Thomas Kohl, beautiful in style in thin-walled wine glasses.

Because it’s not supposed to go all over the house like a Museum, has added to the family Holzner the old Hotel, a chic Spa and a large swimming Pool in the garden. Also new apartments are there.

But the regulars, some of them in the same room reserve a half-century every summer again and again for the coming summer, prefer the old part of the hotel. Due to the multitude of children that populate to holiday time hotel halls and Pool, not disturb these regulars. It is usually your own.

the room 22 in the “Parkhotel Holzner” costs from 148 Euro per Person with half Board,


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