Most people now know that Sweden took a different route from the Corona crisis than most other countries in the world. As a result, immunity to the corona virus, especially around the capital Stockholm, is already said to be quite high. Nevertheless, the Swedish governments are now pushing ahead with plans that, after the successful testing of a vaccine, rely on protective vaccinations for further immunization.

Compared to its Scandinavian neighbors, Sweden has a significantly higher death rate, which is probably related to the restrictions that are very permissive compared to other countries. A total of around 3,400 people died in Sweden as a result of the virus, but 1,600 of these deaths affect the capital Stockholm. In New York, the most severely affected city in the United States, research has shown that 21% of the city’s population already has antibodies and is said to be immune to the virus. In Stockholm, medical experts expect a similarly high rate of immune people. However, the exact dates are not yet available. But now the planning for a far-reaching one is also beginning

Mass immunization program once a vaccine for the dangerous virus is found.

In Sweden, too, the majority of people infected with the coronavirus developed only very slight symptoms. But the virus poses a serious threat, especially for older people with pre-existing conditions. The Swedish Health Department has confirmed that more than 3,400 people who have previously tested positive for the virus have died. The Swedish government’s plan for the future now is to be the first to vaccinate groups of people most at risk from the virus as soon as a vaccine against the virus is found. The Stockholm Health Office is already investigating how the mass vaccination campaign should be organized and carried out.

However, the vaccination plans of the Swedish government do not meet with a positive response everywhere. In any case, in southern Sweden, Roland Gustbée, chairman of the health committee and member of the moderate party, is slowing the government’s plans. According to the politician, it is too early to plan vaccinations on a large scale. ”When the vaccine comes and most people are already immune, perhaps only older people should be vaccinated. We don’t know that yet and it makes it difficult to start planning now, ”the politician told the press. If similar results as in New York were to be confirmed in many areas in Sweden, then Gustbée’s view might be correct.



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