This is his family

On May 6th Robert Lewandowski (31) proudly announced that his wife Anna (31) gave birth to a healthy girl. He had made this public with a photo on Instagram , on which he held his newborn daughter Laura in her arms. Now the star striker from FC Bayern Munich has once again shared his luck with the world – and has just received over 450,000 likes in just over two hours.

While wife Anna holds daughter Laura in the new photo, she smacks a smile on the right cheek of Lewandowski, who is grinning broadly and who obviously took the picture with the help of a selfie stick. Daughter Klara (born 2017) meanwhile kisses her dad on the left cheek. Lewandowski simply writes: "My girls".

The soccer player and the nutrition and sports expert have been married since summer 2013. In November 2019, after scoring a goal with a baby cheer, Lewandowski announced that he would become a father again. He then confirmed this on Instagram and wrote: "Baby is coming".



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