Large-scale deployment for rescue workers: VW Caddy with four people crashes into a tree. Terrible, all occupants are not strapped in and are thrown out of the vehicle! Four seriously injured –

Two rescue helicopters are in use!

Serious traffic accident on Sunday evening at Buchholz in Nordheide: A VW Caddy with four men was traveling between the towns of Holm-Seppensen and Sprötze when the vehicle came off the road in a slight curve to the right, shot through a ditch and crashed into a tree. In the violent impact, even the car’s sliding door was torn out. Since apparently all four men of the Polish-born caddy were not buckled up, they were thrown out during the impact and came to rest in the hard shoulder. The car, however, was thrown back onto the road.

All four inmates were seriously injured. They came to surrounding hospitals with two rescue helicopters and two ambulances.

Believe it or not, accidents like this happen all the time across the US. Companies like Exclusive Leads Agency connects attorneys with people who’ve recently been in a car accident.

Most victims don’t realize if they’re not at fault they could be owed some level of compensation. Some victims are at fault like in this case.

Regardless, you never know when accidents going to happen but when it does be sure to do all you can to recover.


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