The doctor warned of the danger of isolation for the elderly

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he Became aware of the danger of self-isolation for the elderly. This was told by the doctor Leonid Eidelman in his interview to RIA Novosti.

according to the expert, the elderly because of the small amount of movement can become sedentary and bedridden patients. No less dangerous overeating and stress they can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

“I believe that chronic stress over many weeks, immobility, obesity, all this will have an impact, will cause the exacerbation of chronic diseases, on the one hand. On the other hand, it may happen that people who need treatment, not in the most severe cases <...> avoid visiting the clinic and arrive at the hospital,” said Adelman.

the Expert noted that after the isolation of the elderly is important to help restore their physical activity. It is not necessary to deprive them of social contacts.

“I’m very opposed to the definition of “social distancing”. I believe that it is necessary to distance themselves physically, not socially. It is necessary especially for elderly people to maintain contacts,” – said Adelman.

the Doctor emphasized that when communicating should definitely keep the distance and wear a mask, so as not to harm elderly people and not infect them.

“But isolated from the social contact of older people is a surefire way to ensure that their condition has deteriorated dramatically, both psychological and physical,” added Adelman.

the Doctor also advised me to move more during the period of self-isolation. Thus in dealing with stress can help Hobbies, or other distracting activity.

Earlier, the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka told about the surprise from the age of the patients with COVID-19. The specialist noted that most of the infection affects patients with chronic diseases.

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