The second season of the ProSieben hit show “The Masked Singer” is not even history, because the station already confirms a new round: The new episodes will be broadcast in autumn 2023 – of course live as usual. Then supposedly again with an audience and “in full beauty”: Due to the Corona crisis, the show is currently being produced – after a normal first episode – without an audience.

Due to corona cases in the team, “The Masked Singer” also paused for two weeks. According to the press release, there were many challenges that the viewer could not feel or see. This is also one of the reasons why they want to celebrate the show again in autumn, but hopefully again without restrictions. Now, however, the grand finale of the current season is on Tuesday, April 28th from 8:15 p.m.

After the spectacular unveiling of comedian legend Didi Hallervorden (84) as a chameleon last Tuesday, the sloth, the dragon, the rabbit and the fuzz are still in the race. Of course, the live show will again be moderated by Matthias Opdenhövel (49). In the first season, singer Max Mutzke (38) was victorious as an astronaut.


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