For little, it would be almost a position in the government, including the redesign have been waiting for all week. Kylian Mbappé has changed dimensions since the victory of the Blues in the world Cup and its the beginning of the season, supersonic, which was replaced in the race for the golden Ball, awarded on 3 December, shows that the prodigy is not full. The young French striker will still be the main attraction of the game against Germany, Tuesday, October 16, at the Stade de France in the framework of the 3rd day of the League of nations. A new opportunity to light.

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It must be said that the new darling of French football has done nothing to make themselves discreet. Author of an improbable fourfold in thirteen minutes when the wide victory of PSG against Lyon on 7 October, the hero of the game against Iceland in a friendly match on 11 October, on the cover of the international edition of Time magazine on the same day, Kylian Mbappé attracts the spotlight and continues its forward march. He could join Thierry Henry – top scorer in the history of the Blues with 51 goals in 123 selections – if he continues at this pace, who is only 19 years old.

And its status has changed, in club as in selection : where Neymar was, logically, the figurehead of the PSG, Mbappé seems to have reversed the roles in the beginning of the season. Where Griezmann was the darling of the public and media for Euro 2016, they no longer have eyes for Mbappé, which says a little more each day as the future face of world football.

“overall Personality”

“His technique in football to breath-he burst onto the international scene in just a few months,” and delighted the famous american Time magazine, which devoted four pages to the French in his edition on the ” leaders of tomorrow “, and who sees in Mbappé ” much more than a simple football player out of the ordinary. He lives a fairy-tale social, from poverty to wealth “. Beyond the storytelling sometimes dubious in a country where “soccer” is only a minor sport, it says a lot of the new stature of the young man, who fascinates him beyond our borders. Vivienne Walt, the author of the interview, and was especially entrusted with The newspaper le Parisien on the perception of the wonder of the Atlantic : “as Soon as I made the interview, everyone in New York said to me : “Wow ! You have had Mbappé ! This is really something.” Everyone knows who he is. Since the world Cup, it became a personality overall. “

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An ” overall personality “, adoubée by the king Pelé himself, and comparing already to the greatest, would have to disperse. But Kylian Mbappé has constantly set new goals and does everything to achieve it. His recent performances have reignited the debate on the quest for the Ballon d’or and his chance to style the post Luka Modric, the favorite, and the French Antoine Griezmann and Raphael Varane. A trophy that can sometimes play out in the last few weeks. But when Antoine Griezmann started an intense campaign of self-promotion, Mbappé ensures that it does not think all the morning, while shaving, in a communication perfectly controlled.

” The golden Ball, I don’t think so, because if I think too much of something, I become too much of an individualist, said the Bondynois after the game against Iceland. It is necessary to think of the collective before all because of the team selection and the PSG that have allowed me to, why not, be able to win this title. I will give everything until the end of the votes and we’ll see what happens. “

Entry decisive in the face of Iceland

Author of 8 goals and 3 assists since the start of the championship with PSG, it rolls over without barely a League 1 too narrow for his talent. In the champions League, where it can still assert itself, however, it has registered two goals in two games, and his next performance in the face of Naples and Liverpool will be particularly scrutinised. Finally, he has already scored twice and caused a goal against his camp on the 4 goals scored by the Blues in all three matches played after the world Cup (victory in the face of the netherlands, draws with Germany and Iceland).

His entrance decisive in the face of Iceland, on Thursday in a friendly match, allowed the Blues to snatch a draw unexpected (2-2) in the last minutes of the game. Then of course, it was “only” Iceland, and a friendly game, but Kylian Mbappé has shown that its mere presence could galvanize his teammates and worry about its opponents when there are still only a few months, he was only a “plus” in the service of a collective.

Acclaimed by the public of munich in the away match of the League of nations between Germany and France (0-0), September 6, Kylian Mbappé will be keen to shine again in the face of the champions of the world 2014,, who no longer have the right to error after their severe defeat to the netherlands (3-0).


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