Queen Elizabeth is not having an easy time of it right now. Isolated because of the Corona crisis, the English monarch has a lot of time to deal with private matters. And inevitably the “Megxit” of Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan is one of the topics that make the Queen most concerned.

Prince Harry had long fought for his bourgeois love Meghan Markle. With the help of his father, Prince Charles, Harry managed to get Grandmother’s permission to marry Meghan Markle. However, if the Queen had known what would happen to her actress Meghan Markle after her grandson’s wedding, the Queen would have stuck to her original point of view. Within a very short time, Meghan Markle ensured that the life of Prince Harry and the English royal family was completely turned upside down. The couple had decided to step down from their royal duties after the birth of their first child. Now it looks like Meghan Markle is going straight back to her old life.

Duchess Meghan and Harry have now arrived in the United States. A step that was particularly difficult for Queen Elizabeth to accept. The couple settled in Los Angeles, which gives Meghan the opportunity to return to her old job as an actress. It is clear that Meghan is repeatedly criticized, especially by the royal family and the loyal subjects. After all, her critics see in her the reason that the prince has now been completely torn from his old life. Now Meghan has already made a Disney deal, with which she was able to get a role as the speaker of a documentary. And now the next step of the 38-year-old seems to be following.

Royal expert Myka Meier has now indicated in her podcast “Royally Obsessed” that Meghan plans to continue her old blog “The Tig”. The Duchess had written there for years on various topics that touched her personally. “I think she will create a new version of her blog. That is definitely being planned. I have learned from insider circles that she is already working on something, ”explained Meier. The Sun newspaper recently reported that the rights to the blog name had been extended until 2022. This means that nothing stands in the way of Meghan’s complete return to her old life. And in the English royal family one wonders today how it could get this far.



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