The Russians were asked not to spread memes about COVID-19

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

the Russians recommended to refrain from jokes about the coronavirus and to spread memes about him. Such statements and images can increase the anxiety of the citizens, reports the Agency “Moscow” words of clinical psychologist, head of the Department of psychological care and social rehabilitation psychiatric clinical hospital № 1 named after Alekseev Nikita Chernov.

“Most people in the current situation are in a state of anxiety, the feeling of insecurity. So the jokes like the call of a friend who says that he has a coronavirus that is actually not only increase emotional vulnerability and instability of man, elevating his status anxiety”, – said the expert.

Chernov added that humor is a good way of dealing with stress, but in this situation it is necessary to choose a topic for jokes. In a pandemic COVID-19 any meme can provoke panic.

in addition, jokes about coronavirus for people with confirmed cases and their relatives would sound like mockery, said the expert.

Earlier, the psychologists advised Russians not to argue with friends and relatives about coronavirus infections, as this may lead to weakening of the immune system and other negative consequences, especially in conditions of isolation.

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