Who has the greatest chances?

The nominees for the German TV Award 2024 have been determined. The ZDF in particular can cheer, and its multi-part “Price of Freedom” has won a total of five nominations. For example, the two actors Barbara Auer (61) and Joachim Król (62) can hope to receive the award. The three-part east-west drama could also clear away in terms of the scene and camera work.

Auer and Król have strong competition. The 61-year-old competes in the category “Best Actress” against Jasna Fritzi Bauer (31, “Rampensau”), Shira Haas (25, “Unorthodox”), Katharina Marie Schubert (43, “Crime Scene: Anne and Death”) and Laura Tonke (46, “Are you happy?”). In the “Best Actor” category, alongside Król Barry Atsma (47, “Bad Banks”), Felix Kramer (47) and Ronald Zehrfeld (43) for “Waiting for a Bus”, Nicholas Ofczarek (49, “The Pass” ) and Ulrich Tukur (62, “Crime scene: Murot and the marmot”) into the race.

In the “Best Multi-Part” category, “Price of Freedom” has to assert itself against the productions “Die Neue Zeit” and “Unorthodox”. The “Best TV Movie” were nominated: “Are you happy?”, “A hard tour”, “Finally widower”, “A village defends itself” and the “Crime scene: Murot and the marmot”.

In the “Best Entertainment Show” category, ProSieben is the one that has the edge. With “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”, “Joko & Klaas LIVE” and “The Masked Singer” three real crowd pullers were nominated. They look at the RTL production “Because they do not know what is happening! The Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Show ”opposite. Meanwhile, “Kroymann”, “Die Anstalt” and the “heute-show” have a chance to receive the “Best Comedy” award. All three formats have already received the German Television Award in previous years.

But not only entertainment is important these days. Information is also required from the German TV audience. Which moderators deliver these regularly, reliably and properly? Steffen Hallaschka (48) in “stern TV”, Sandra Maischberger (53) in “maischberger. the week ”and Marietta Slomka (51) in the“ Today Journal ”. They are the nominees in the category “Best Moderation / Individual Service Information”.

A set price will be awarded in 2024 in the “Best Information” category. All winners in the 28 categories will be announced in the second half of June.



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