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On Pentecost Monday (June 1, 2024), it continues with “Farmer is looking for a woman”. In the special “Farmer is looking for a woman – the new farmers” (7:05 p.m. on RTL, also via TVNow ), the single farmers are presented, after which interested women can contact them. There is also a reunion with the well-known “Bauer sucht Frau” couple Uwe (53) and Iris Abel (52), who have been inseparable since he met in 2011. More couples have found great happiness through the dome show.

As a “gentle pig farmer” Uwe Abel found his great love in Iris in 2011. The couple married two years later and have since shared their lives with their fans through TV appearances and social media. Iris Abel, for example, documented her weight loss through a stomach operation, but also shared sad moments such as an unfulfilled desire to have children with her fans: “Some wishes and dreams in life remain unfulfilled. And at some point the time will come when it’s too late, ”she wrote on Instagram . The two have been running the Hofcafé Bauer Uwes Lütje Deel together since 2014. In 2018 they showed their cohesion as a couple and won in the RTL show “The Summer House of the Stars”.

Farmer Bruno and his Anja met in 2007 in the third season of the show, in 2009 they said yes. After a serious illness shortly after the wedding, Anja recovered only slowly and had to give up her desire to have children as a result of the illness. “Yes, we wanted children, but it shouldn’t have been. With the years you come to terms with it, ”she explained to the“ Frankenpost ” in 2019. The couple still live on their farm in Trogenau in Upper Franconia. In 2015 they even took part in a TV show again: In “Stepping Out” they demonstrated their dance qualities.

This “Farmer Seeking Woman” couple was particularly remembered: Farmer Josef and his Narumol got to know and love each other in the fifth season in 2009. The Bavarian and the native Thai quickly became a fan favorite, especially due to her initial difficulties in communicating. Josef did not want to let his chosen one go anymore and at the end of the season made a marriage proposal, the wedding followed in 2010. Today they enjoy the court life with their daughter Jorafina and Narumol’s first daughter Jenny, who wants to take over the farm to the delight of the couple. Narumol’s son Jack lives in Thailand. The farmer recently had to deal with health problems and paralysis in her arms, which is why the couple has withdrawn from the public a little.

The Luxembourg farmer Guy had lost his heart to Victoria in the ninth season. In 2015, the two married first in a civil office and then also in a church. According to the RTL , the wedding took place in the Catholic Church in Alzingen, a village of just under 2,000 in Guy’s home in Luxembourg. In addition to the couple’s families and friends, numerous “Bauer sucht Frau” candidates were also witnesses to the promise of marriage. Charlotte (4) was born in 2016. Now the couple is expecting the second offspring: it will be a girl again.

Your love knows no boundaries: Anna and Gerald Wirr met and loved each other in 2017 at “Bauer sucht Frau” under the African sun. After the romantic wedding in 2018, she moved to Namibia. The couple had to cope with a severe blow in early 2024: the Polish-born woman suffered a miscarriage. She has struggled with the consequences to this day, as she reported in an emotional Instagram post in April. Anna Wirr still appreciates that “Bauer sucht Frau” brought her great love and calls on women on Instagram to apply for the current season: “From my own experience I can say that if you have the feeling , Your dream man / your dream woman is there, reports you and helps love on the jumps. It’s always better to regret things you’ve done than never to try! ”

RTL has already announced a selection of farmers who are looking for their suitable counterpart in the coming season: with Andy (43), who specializes in Scottish cattle and runs a farm shop. In addition to horses, organic farmer Denise (31) also has cows, geese, chickens and pigs on her farm and would like to “date no philistine”. Rüdiger (53) has among other things 800 laying hens and 100 chickens to look after. His dream woman should “ideally be tall, blonde and blue-eyed.”

Patrick (24) works alongside his studies at his family’s cattle farm. “One is a profession – the other a vocation!” Says the young farmer. “No way a bitch!”, Dairy farmer Simon (26) wants to get to know on his farm with 160 hectares of green and arable land. Pferdewirt Uwe (54) is looking for a sporty, loving and honest woman. In addition to his cowboy ranch, he likes country music and line dance. Thomas K. (42) runs a timber trade on his farm. He is looking for a funny woman with whom he can steal horses. Candidate Bernd (51) runs a pig farm in East Westphalia as a sporty farmer. He would also like to share his love and energy with the right woman.



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