Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom and more

The corona pandemic has led to online reunions with many film and series casts and musicians. Hardly any other fans should have been as happy as the reunion of the stars from Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, which came together in a zoom call almost 20 years later.

Disney star Josh Gad (39, "Beauty and the Beast") set himself the task in the Corona crisis to unite popular filmcasts in YouTube in his "Reunited Apart" series and to collect donations for a good cause . In the fourth episode it was the "Lord of the Rings" cast's turn.

The full main cast of the trilogy came together for the fundraiser and shared memories for almost an hour. From Frodo to Gandalf, everyone was there: Elijah Wood (39, Frodo), Sean Astin (49, Sam), Dominic Monaghan (43, Merry), Billy Boyd (51, Pippin), Orlando Bloom (43, Legolas), Sir Ian McKellan (81, Gandalf), Viggo Mortensen (61, Aragorn), Sean Bean (61, Boromir), John Rhys-Davies (76, Gimli), Andy Serkis (56, Gollum), Liv Tyler (42, Arwen), the Rohan siblings Miranda Otto (52, Eowyn), Karl Urban (47, Eomer) and even director Peter Jackson (58).



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