Capital: € 20 million
Age: 30th
Born: 01.09.1989
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Musician
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Tom Kaulitz is the guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel and achieved world fame alongside his twin brother Tom. The band became known in 2005 with their debut single “Durch den Monsun”. The corresponding debut album “Schrei” reached the top of the charts in Germany as well as in Austria. The band around Tom and Bill Kaulitz not only became famous in German-speaking countries, but also achieved international success. In Canada they climbed to number 6 on the album charts with their album “Scream”, in the USA they made it to number 36.
In recent months, Tom Kaulitz has made headlines with his relationship with German model Heidi Klum, with whom he has been married since August 2019.

Early life

Tom Kaulitz was born on September 1st, 1989 in Leipzig. Incidentally, his full, real name is Tom Kaulitz-Trümper. Tom has an identical brother, Bill, who is probably most known as the singer of the band Tokyo Band. Tom was born 10 minutes before his twin brother Bill. The parents of Tom and Bill are the painter Simone Charlotte Kaulitz and Jörg W., who worked as a truck driver. When Tom was six, his parents separated and Tom moved to Magdeburg with his brother Bill and mother three years later. There they lived with the mother’s new partner, the musician Gordon Trümper.

The two brothers discovered their love for music early on and started writing their own songs at the age of 7. Her stepfather Gordon Trümper recognized the musical talent of the brothers and helped them at the start of their careers. The twins Tom and Bill made their first appearances in the Magdeburg area.


After Tom and Bill Kaulitz had some appearances at private parties and smaller regional events in their childhood, they met Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer in 2001, at the age of 12. Together with them they founded the band “Devilish” and tried to make the big breakthrough. The newly formed band appeared in talent shows and performed as often as possible. But the commercial success failed to materialize. It was only after Tom’s brother Bill took part in the “Star Search” casting show in 2003 that a music producer became aware of the four boys. The band “Devilish” was finally signed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment and started to produce their first album. However, shortly before the release of this album, Sony canceled the contract with the band.

Fortunately, the young quartet stayed with the Universal Group in 2005. They started under the name “Tokio Hotel” and launched their debut single “Durch den Mosun” that same year, which made it to the top of the charts in Germany and Austria. The band’s debut album, released in September 2005, also reached number 1 on the charts.

Overnight, Tom Kaulitz and his band mates were starved at by stars and countless teenagers. Four more albums and international popularity followed. Tom Kauliz now lives in Los Angeles.

Career highlights

Tom Kaulitz’s first career highlight is surely the success of debut single and debut album in 2005. The band’s album has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. The international success of the band Tokio Hotel is not a matter of course for German-speaking bands.

Another career highlight is definitely Tom Kaulitz’s participation in the successful television format “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2013 as a judge.

Famous quotes

“When I look at Bill, I know right away how he thinks. I can feel if he’s having problems, even when I’m not with him. ”
This quote shows the close relationship between the twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz.

Success tips

Tom Kaulitz has always remained himself and tries not to be influenced by the opinions of others or the media.


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