Her mother is one of the greatest Motown legends: Diana Ross (76). Nevertheless, daughter Tracee Ellis Ross emphasizes that she was not inspired by mom’s role model for her new role.

The 47-year-old plays the role of singer Grace Davis in the romantic comedy “The High Note”.

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This is a superstar with a huge ego and an assistant named Maggie who dreams of becoming a music producer. When Grace’s manager offers her an opportunity, Grace and Maggie come up with a plan that could change her career.

Film has nothing to do with Mama Diana!

In an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”, the actress now reveals: “I know that people want to ask and know whether I took my mother as an inspiration for this role or whether the film was an ode to her. But it is not. It had nothing to do with my mom. ”

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Instead, she took the inspiration for the role directly from the script that Flora Greeson wrote.

“The script had nothing to do with my mom. It was wonderfully written. Everything was already on the pages and I didn’t have to look for inspiration anywhere else. Everything was already there between the director and the script. ”(Bang)


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