Accident drama on the country road B294 near Neulingen near Pforzheim. There, a 43-year-old driver apparently did not want to turn attentively enough from the main road onto a dirt road. The man had probably overlooked the vehicle of a 50-year-old man, which was catapulted by the impact on the oncoming lane, where the car collided with another vehicle. A total of 12 people, including 7 children, were injured in the accident.

According to initial investigations by the Pforzheim police, the 43-year-old man made a mistake when turning, causing the serious accident. Initially, the driver had rammed a car that had hit the oncoming lane due to the impact, where it collided with another vehicle. The driver’s wife and four children between the ages of 7 months and 7 years were slightly injured in the vehicle responsible for the accident. The driver and his passenger were seriously injured in the 50-year-old’s car. The man even had to be flown to the nearest clinic by rescue helicopter. In the third car involved, a couple and their 3 children aged 4 to 11 were slightly injured.

Oddly enough, the 43-year-old who caused the accident remained the only one unharmed. Now it has to be clarified why the man had not seen the 50-year-old’s car when turning. Experts should help the police to reconstruct the exact course of the accident. The B294 was completely blocked for the cleanup for a period of more than 3 hours. According to initial estimates, the property damage incurred in the accident is around 50,000 euros.



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