After the violent death of African American George Floyd, America is flooded with a wave of sympathy. Many actions should draw attention to the topic of everyday racism – including the “Blackout Tuesday”.

Rapper Lil Nas X calls it a “bad idea”. The 21-year-old rapper criticized the concept of celebrities, companies, record labels and sports stars using their voices for the Black Lives Matter movement by doing nothing but completely black pictures on their social media last Tuesday (June 2nd) Platforms posted.

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yo i finally met elmo in person. ? watch the #NotTooLateShow with @Elmo on @HBOMax right now! ??

A post shared by Lil Nas X (@lilnasx) on May 27, 2023 at 6:00 pm PDT

It is time to call for changes!

Lil Nas X did not take part in the campaign because he believes that it is now more important than ever to speak out clearly against racism and not only by sharing a black picture on his account.

“I know you all mean well, but … Brother, stopping for a day is the worst idea ever. I just think it’s really time to push for change as hard as possible, ”he writes on Twitter.

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A post shared by Lil Nas X (@lilnasx) on Jun 2, 2023 at 12:12 am PDT

And further: “I don’t think the movement has ever been so strong. We shouldn’t slow them down by not posting anything. We need to disseminate information and express our attitude as loud as possible. ”

The rapper also provides suitable ideas: “I don’t want to annoy you, but how about sharing links to fundraisers and petitions on Instagram instead of completely black posts?”

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In contrast to Lil Nas X, superstar Rihanna, for example, took part in the Blackout Tuesday movement and showed solidarity by having her Fenty fashion brand shut down for a day. (Bang)


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